Stuart Watkinson

Who am I?

I'm an Australian writer, podcaster, and RPG designer. I write mind bending dangerous adventures, with a touch of the apocalypse.

Things I do.

Tabletop Gaming

Below are the tabletop games and supplements I have created or worked on with others.Click on an image to learn more.

Physical Products

Some of my stuff is available in a physical form! You can purchase them right here.

Hire Me

I work on roleplaying games part-time but I want to do it every day. I want to feed my family on the power of my words and imagination. With this goal in mind, I am available for freelance work.



I love podcasts. So much so, that I made my own. And then another. And currently working out the nuts and bolts of another.Click on the image to learn more.

Committee Quest
Dungeons & Dragons Lorecast

The Watkinson Post

This is a monthly newsletter that shares a bit of my tabletop gaming world with you. Each month you we will receive; reviews of ttRPG products, podcast, book, and artist recommendations, and updates on some of my own products.


Feel free to connect with me on social media or send through an email.I'm always on the lookout for next project to work on!