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Part of Things – Thinker in Residence

This month I will be The Thinker In Residence at Part of Things in Barmera.

What is Part of Things? Well, I guess it’s kind of a public art space. A place where people from the community can gather, work together, host events, have exhibitions, whatever people want to do really.

What is the Thinker in Residence? Well, me… Err… The Thinker is someone who has the space to use for whatever purpose they see fit. A place to be creative, start projects, meet with others… all of this.

What am I going to be doing there?

I have three tasks in mind while I am there. Mostly revolving around creative writing and Dungeons & Dragons. I had been working on a young adult fantasy novel for a while. However, the more I wrote the harder it got and I slowly began to realise that… well… I hate young adult fiction. Hate is a strong word. But it is not my style. So, I needed to change that. My young adult novel has been split into two different projects;

  1. A children’s book that focuses on the same main character from my failed YA story. Oscar the Apprentice. A tale of the young man training to be a blacksmith in Largshire, Ammaryn.
  2. A collection of short stories also set in Ammaryn. These will be based on varied individuals from across the country. Focusing in of various characters and giving the reader an idea of what life is like in different parts of Ammaryn.
I love tabletop role-playing games. I play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). I even write, host and edit my own D&D podcast, you can have a listen to it here. There are lots of online communities for players and people that run games, dungeon masters or gamemasters, but there are not many face-to-face. Especially not for gamemasters. So, my plan is to start a monthly gathering of gamemasters, new and experienced, to use their ‘hive-mind’ to develop magic items, adventures, worlds, towns, characters, and whatever else they want to.
So, they are the three projects I’ll be working on; a children’s book, a collection of short stories, and a monthly meeting of gamemasters.
I know me… I will be doing other things too. Like writing articles about D&D, and more stories about a Kedror the Black
But, stay tuned for more updates. 
I think I will call them ‘The Thinker’s Thoughts’.

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September 2019
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