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Thinker’s Thoughts: Week 1

Greetings Traveller,
Week 1 in the bag!
What did learn this week?
While my dog Kevin is very cute is not particularly supportive of my work. Thinks I should play more with him. So, next week he’s not coming into work with me.
Kevin admiring the artwork and not letting me write.

What did I achieve?
I started working on my collection of short stories. I almost completed the first story of the collection, which means I am one-sixteenth of the way through my project. Go, me!
I also started to plan the children’s book. I have never planned anything like this before. So, I thought I would give myself some visual representations for it. I laid out all the pages I thought it needed and then made notes about what each page will be about. I am going to use elements of positive psychology and character strengths to help frame the story. So, I highlighted what sections would connect to which character strengths to aid in word choice, character motivations, and art direction. The other section was the art. I am pretty good with words, but art… not so much. Post-it notes have become my art substitute. I think I know what I want on each page, though it may change as I start to write.
A picture of the wall at Part of Things.
I also had an interview with a Dungeons & Dragons adventure writer about their work. It was a great discussion about inspiration, writing, and collaborative work. You can listen to it here, or where ever you get your podcasts.
What am I going to do this week?
Well, the first thing I am going to organise is the gamemasters group. I have made a plan for what each night will be and I am getting a logo designed by Kirste aka @Flamedork. The first meet will be in about two weeks. Any tabletop role players keep your eyes peeled for that one.
Second, continue to work on short stories. I have set myself the goal of 25 minutes of creative writing every day. It’s been going well, and it usually turns into about 40 minutes which is great.
Third, we start recording the second season of CommitteeQuest podcast this week. I have a few things to complete for that. I am so excited about it. Such a great group of friends and I have some awesome stuff cooked up for them. I am also pumped to be writing my own adventures again. A lot more freedom and makes it a lot easier to weave in their character stuff.
Fourth, start writing the children’s book. It’s got a title already (I think), Oscar the Apprentice. I cannot wait for this. This will be my Wednesday at Part of things. I will be there all day working on that story, and I am super pumped about it.
Fifth, figure out where to get an artist from? I know what style I want but have no money. FUN. Are you an artist? Do you want to work on a fantasy genre children’s book? Do you want to do and maybe make no money? Tough sell. 
Thinker signing out.
You can find me @StuartWrites on Twitter, and you can show your support by throwing me a tip here.

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September 2019
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