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Thinker’s Thoughts: Week 2

No dog. Lots of work.

This week was far more productive for a few reasons.

  1. No Dog.
  2. I spent the entire day at Part of Things.
  3. I have decided to focus on only Oscar the Apprentice for September and October.
  4. Have discovered Dungeon Synth

Let’s unpack some of these.

I didn’t take Kevin to work. Which hurt us both but ultimately was for the greater good.

I walked into Part of Things at 9:00 am. Then planned, scribbled, wrote, and paced until 1:00 pm. Had lunch. I went for a walk. Back at 2:00 pm for more scribbling, writing, and pacing until 5:00 pm. Classic 9 to 5 writer guy. I really liked it. I am ok with doing that for a living, very ok. So, if everyone could just pay me for it that would be great. In fact, you can! I have a Ko-Fi now! It’s a platform for supporting creators. You can ‘buy me a coffee’ or 10! There’s the link; https://ko-fi.com/stuartwrites 

I was splitting my attention between The Short Stories and Oscar and wasn’t getting anywhere. Then I did this!

That is my Oscar story plotted out. With major elements, ideas for artwork, inspirational art, and themes I want to include. This sort of planning is new for me and it really worked. I have been writing almost every day on Oscar now. I think I will even have a first draft done by the end of… Actually, I won’t curse myself like that. However, this does not mean that The Short Stories are out. I am making notes about them as they come and saving my writing for November. I will have another crack at National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Are there any NaNoWriMoers out there?

Found Dungeon Synth.



Did you listen?

That is what my dreams are made of.

I’ve been finding mixes that are 20 to 50 minutes long. Putting them on and writing until the music stops. A fantastic way for me to get into a solid state of flow. I’m listening to this one right now. 38 minutes. Bang. New blog post.

Oh also, more progress with the Largshire supplement. Largshire is a town in my made-up fantasy world. It featured in the first season of Committee Quest Podcast. I’ve been writing a sourcebook for people to use in Dungeons & Dragons. If you’re not familiar with tabletop role-playing games then this might not make sense. But essentially, I’ve created a town with shops, places of interest, people, and magic items for dungeon masters to use their home games of D&D. My good friend Ben has even drawn an incredible map of Largshire. Once it’s completed you’ll see it here (I’m actually really excited about this map! It’s freaking amazing!). The supplement will be available to our Patrons via Patreon (another platform to support content creators but this one is for the podcast).

So, that’s week two. It was good.

Week three will be better.

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