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February 2020: Rolling with Advantage

In Dungeons & Dragons, there is a rule in the game called ‘Advantage’. When you have Advantage you roll two 20 sided dice and use the highest number. That’s what this year is all about.

The year has well and truly started, and I completely missed a January post.
But in January I turned off. Shut down. Rebooted. It was brilliant.
I did a lot of reading, watched a lot of films, played a lot of video games. It was good to be immersed in fiction for a month. I spent the majority of last year in my own fantasy world that I really didn’t get to enjoy enough of the great content that is out there.

Some of the greats…

Star Wars IX: I Can’t Remember The Name

I know this film was not well written. But… I really enjoyed it. It was a wild ride. Had cool looking shit and some super weird sci-fi fantasy stuff going on. I know the story was dumb. But I still enjoyed it. I think once I stopped caring about what Star Wars films would be like I finally began to enjoy them. Things are pretty awesome when you have no expectations.

Outer Worlds

A game by the developers of Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity. And it was great. A space opera RPG that takes huge dig a capitalism and consumer culture. It was fun, with a deep storyline, and decisions that matter. I loved that I could my actions could make a difference. I could actually fail a mission. It’s designed with re-playability, however, I’m 34. I don’t have time for that sort of thing.

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

I know.
It’s not new. But fuck I love this show. My wife and I went to Tiddy Widdy beach for 5 nights and the weather was awful. Windy, raining, and cold. So, our dreams of the week at the beach were washed away. However, they did have free to air TV at the Airbnb we stayed. We don’t have free to air at home. So, it was an awesome little treat. Ads and all. Anyway, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares is fucking brilliant. He just goes ham on these horrible kitchens. Having worked in hospitality for around 10 years it brings me a huge amount of joy to know I don’t have to work in a place like that ever again. I think.
FUCK OFF! – Gordan Ramsay

Dune: Boardgame

A remake of an 80s classic. And it’s fucking rad. Take control of one the major houses of the Dune universe and fight the control of the Spice! There is a steep learning curve, but if you have the time to learn and table full of eager players then jump into it. It’s competitive and strategic and weird. Get on board!

In other news

I wrote a supplement for Largshire! Check it out! I did the writing and my good friend Ben drew the map. The map is amazing. If you play D&D and want to check it out, then follow the link below. Even if you don’t play D&D when you go to the page below click on Full-Size Preview.


I have started working on another adventure for D&D. I really enjoy creating adventures and constructing them into a product that can be sold. It’s challenging but rewarding. I will continue to do that this year and see what happens, it’s exciting.

Oscar the Apprentice is in editing mode. I have read through the first draft, it’s rough, and needs rewrites, but I expected that. I am enjoying reading it and expanding parts of it. I could tell there were times I was tired or not interested or just too excited to get to another section. But, writing isn’t writing, it’s editing.
Be sure to check out the things I do at all these places!
Thanks for reading,
Stuart W. 

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February 2020
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