October: Its been a while

Hello folks!

I have not written anything on here for some time. This year has been a strange one and I have found it hard to focus my thoughts. While I have done lots of writing, it has not been as focused as it was last year. I have worked on a range of smaller projects, mainly gaming related, that consumed my time.

I say consumed because I have discovered that the ttRPG community can be quite consuming.

I have met a huge range of people from all walks of life. Many of them are fantastic upstanding people. I have worked on projects with them, discussed all sorts with them, and found common interest among so many people. 

Often I felt like I had found my people.

Anyway, why haven’t I been writing blogs? Well, I guess I was a little lost as to what this is blog is all about. Then this afternoon I was thinking.. it’s about what ever I want it to be about. It’s mine damn it.

There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve done recently…

Caught at the Cross Keys is finished! And on sale!


The Badgerhound!


I’ve also got something coming out very soon, a big project I have worked on a with a number of people! 

Started a new campaign too. I think campaign diaries are thing I am going to do. 
Stay tuned. 

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