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Along the Road 01 – The Tower on the Plains

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I am creating some free micro supplements over the next few months. I figured I would go with a bit of a theme too, so each supplement will have something to do with being on the road and can be easily used as a little tool for GMs.  I want to explore minimalist styles, learn how to use InDesign, and create an old school vibe with a twist. 

Minimalist style. I often find premade adventures unruly to use. They often have too much detail and require you to know far too much to make it work. I have played a lot of them though. Even the adventures that completely bogged down with excessive information (including my own) can still be run but I would prefer something with a bit more freedom.

InDesign. I am lucky enough to have access to InDesign through my work and I don’t know really know how to use it. So, I’m going to learn. I figure I will give away the stuff I make while learning.

Old school vibe with a twist. I like the look of old school D&D modules. I don’t know why (well, I have an idea however that’s a story for another time) but I just think they’re neat. As for the twist. Literally no idea. I am hoping my own style will develop while doing this and that will bring forth a twist. Maybe, let’s find out. 

I’m using a range of stock art for these projects. I don’t have the funds to finance custom art for this training exercise. In saying that, there is so much awesome stock art available. So, even if I had the funds I’d probably still use it. 

For this little adventure I used art from the following artists:

Dyson Logos
Fat Goblin Games
William McAusland

Well, that’s the first in the Along the Road post. In the subsequent posts, I will talk more about design choices and stuff. But not this one.

Feel free to throw me any feedback or constructive criticism. 

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March 2021
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