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Welcome to Ammaryn: A collection of short stories

A map of Ammaryn

 Six years ago I started Dungeons & Dragons campaign and podcast. The following was the text I used to set the scene.

On the vast continent of Pasi Verden, nestled between the Odim and Renidarian mountains lies Ammaryn. A relatively peaceful nation. The Ammari people have been here for over 1000 years and built a strong culture around exploration, trade, and adventuring. Lush, green, and naturally sheltered they had not experienced any major conflicts with surrounding civilizations. This gave the perfect environment for prosperity and growth. And grow the nation did. With settlements large and small spanning the valley, easy access to food, and an abundance of ancient ruins it became a haven for adventuring. A national pastime in some respects.

With all this adventuring to be had, it did not take long for Ammaryn’s governors, The Committee, to set up an adventuring guild. The Committee Guild, as it was originally titled, is a government-sanctioned adventuring conglomerate. They have the largest resources, they get the most jobs, and they fill your pockets quicker. It also meant that they were the hardest to get accepted into. With rigorous training and expectations. However, recently this has changed.

Two weeks ago The Tawny Towers, two monstrous fortified towers at the entrance of the Ammari valley, have been taken. The forest around them burned, the towers seized and under the control of this new enemy. No one knows who has done it. Who these invaders are. Any attempts at parlay have been met with silence or violence. No one who has entered has returned and all spy reports come back the same. An army amasses and lies in wait on the border. Many of the beasts that fill it leave those that witness them shaking in terror.

I soon found that while I possessed a keen interest in the lore of my world, players did not have the same drive to explore it. That is fine. I have learned a lot about running TTRPGs since then and no longer wish to spoon feed (or perhaps force feed) the players at my table lore.

However, I did like this little world I created and started a series of short stories set there. They’re all loosely connected and I have seen that there are some storylines that will go longer. For the most part, though, they are bite-sized stories of action, adventure, and weirdness set in a fantasy world.

You can click here and find them all.

Long days and pleasant nights. 

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