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Writing: Sometimes, you just have to put the piano in the water.


A piano in the water.

When my wife and I first met we lived in different cities. During the week we would be in constant contact through Messenger and Instagram. A lot of tagging on Instagram. We’d share funny things we’d seen or things that connected to our lives. Ya know, like everyone on the planet. 

But, we were both working and studying so there were a lot of days where we just had had to do the job that had to be done and it sucked. We found ourselves searching for the most ridiculous motivational posts we could find.

And then we came across the above image.

I actually can’t remember the text that was crudely placed over the top of it in Canva. But it was something along the lines of following your dreams or doing the hard work or some other clich├ęd motivational troupe. We quickly adapted whatever was there and that saying became our little push in the right direction whenever we needed it. Our newly created saying was;

Sometimes, you just have to put the piano in the water.

Which, really, is nonsense. 

But served as our motto when it came to doing the work. It meant that regardless of what was happening the work had to get done. The assignment needed to be written. The late shift had to be worked. The cat had to be put down (fucking gutted me and fuck that noise, but it was the thing that had to happen). The online meeting had to happen. The family dinner had to be eaten. The rubbish needed to go out. 

Whatever the task was, you just had to do it in order to reach the goal you had set.

Why the fuck am I talking about putting pianos in the water?

Because you cannot edit a blank page. You need words down. You need to dump it all out of your head and put it on the page so that you can play with it. And you need to do it even when you don’t want to.

You need to do it when you’re tired. Or when you’re angry. Or when you’re not in the mood, ‘mood’s a thing for cattle and loveplay’. You need to put the fucking piano in the fucking water.

So, that’s my big tip. 

Write words, every day.

It doesn’t matter how many, or how good they are. Just get some words down. Set yourself a timer and write whatever comes to mind. It doesn’t cost you anything. Even if delete it all bar one word, you’re still one word closer to your goal and you’ve taught yourself exactly what you don’t want.

The Muse won’t come and fill your page. You have to do that. Then they might come and push you in the right direction.

Long days and pleasant nights. 

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March 2022
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