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Writing Retreat Thoughts: One

Kevin, Ghostwriter

 I did it. 

I did something that makes this writing thing cost money. As well as time. 

For the next three days, I am staying in a little house in the middle of nowhere that has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a tiny art studio (there is a lounge with a TV too, but I am not going to use that). I here to write. Edit, too. Be creative and intentional in a wordy way.

These are the first words I am writing. A bit of a warm-up. Something to loosen the fingers and the thoughts so that I don’t sit about ‘waiting for the muse.’ 

The Muse comes once the work has started.

I do have some goals. But they are not word count based. They’re story progress based. I don’t want to tie myself to a word count because word counts have two effects. Firstly, they show the mountain that looks too high to climb from the bottom. Secondly, they show you where the mountain’s peak should be, even though more often than not it is not there. I don’t like either of these things. 

By the end of this weekend, I will know,(mostly) where my Novel is going which will give me the foundation to start hammering and chiselling out of my brain. 

I (might) also have some sort of frame of a game. But that is a secondary goal. Something to do when I need a break. We’ll see.

The primary task here writing weird fiction set in the place I grew up. 

Enough of what I will do. From now on these little updates will be about what I have done. I am away from my family and spending my money to productive and professional. Not to dream and waste this privileged opportunity. 

Long days and pleasant nights. 

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June 2022
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