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Writing Retreat Thoughts: Three

 I woke with power this morning. It is still bitterly cold. But the fire is lit and the heater in the writing room is cranked to full noise. I have a beanie with a pompom on the top that is often too warm and a pair of fingerless thermal gloves. 

I will survive this cold.

Went to bed last night and my mind was fixated on this story. I consider this a good thing. I was fully intending on having a fever dream that would unlock the greatest story ever told (tribute) but alas, I slept a dreamless sleep. I woke up fresh, clear-minded, and ready for the new day. 

I should make it clear that this is not a thing that happens often. With a Tiny Human in the house, sleep is constantly disrupted and it is not lost on me that while I sleep well my wife does not. She is doing the hard work so that I can do this. 

The louvred window of this room lets cold air seep into the room and I can feel outside chill on my fingertips. This is a cute house, but it’s freezing. I would return here I think, it was a long drive and perhaps I would return for a longer stay to warrant the drive. But, with Tiny Human being so tiny I don’t think that’s a thing I want to do.

The RPG books have not been touched. This is a thing I do. Bring a lot of stuff ‘just in case.’ perhaps that is just a form of distraction or procrastination or resistance. Resistance to The Work. I will think on this on the long drive home. 

Anyway, I have a new structure and direction for this novel. I have about 18k words mildly polished and have written about 5k more over the last two days. The retreat is working. Could I have done this at home? Maybe… But I have lawns to mow, gutters to clean, nappies to change, mouths to feed, and an almost endless list of distractions there. 

No, I think that this sort of thing is particularly important to creatives. Dedicated time to immerse yourself in The Work. When it can be done, that is. 

Creating an Island of Creative Solitude.

Long days and pleasant nights.

The Island of Solitude

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June 2022
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