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Ni-Halood, Creation’s Summoner

The creation god does not instil creativity in those that wish it. They come to those who work. They appear when the artist is in the deepest depths of their work and draw connections. They pull on strings that were never seen before. They reward those that do the work.

Do not expect them.
Ni-Halood’s symbol

Gaining concordance with Ni-Halood

  • Consume creative works:  Read, watch, listen, and play. These are ways to invite Them to your world.
  • Write honest words: They care only for the work that is true to the worker’s values. They do not care for work that doesn’t come from the soul.
  • Show creativity to the world: The work is for the worker but should be shared to inspire creativity from others.

Ni-Halood’s Calling

It’s in the mornings.
That’s when it happens.
When The Sun is fighting back The Night.
They come.
They swirl in like leaves on the wind
spinning and rolling around everything else
before changing, turning, and taking hold.
They become my only thoughts.
They enter the mind and march all over it,
their boots stomping down on the grey matter.
They are making themselves known,
until they dance in the Mind’s Eye.
There was a time when I thought they came to everyone,
that everyone woke before The Sun,
before the world was warmed,
and basked in the languid stillness of morning with these visitors.
But for many, the morning is a time of stress,
a time of frustration.
They wish The Night would win out over day
and that they could stay wrapped up forever.
Oh, what they miss.
It took me so long to realise what they are
not just thoughts,
not just ideas.
They are gifts.
I’m not sure who they’re from.
Some will say from God,
some will say my Muse,
some might say a Devil.
But I know that they come from beyond
my conscience thought,
from beyond
what I see.
The gifts they bring shepherd me,
push me forward and when they are ignored
everything is wrong and I work against myself.
To refuse their gifts is to refuse being.
I rise with The Sun
and use the gifts given to me.
It is through the writing of words,
I connect to my soul.
An artists depiction.
This is part of weird little series where create my own gods to guide me. Gods that will help me on a well-being journey. 
It started here, this is a weird blog I wrote while I was sick; Choosing god(s)
Then here, Wellbeing Pantheon.
Long days and pleasant nights.

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November 2022
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