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Brash decisions…

I resigned from my job.

In a few weeks, Tiny Human 2 will enter the world. I will be a dad for the second time and I don’t want to miss it.

For the last 18 months, I have been working in a leadership role in a high school. I have been working with our most disadvantaged students. This covers a broad stroke of people. Some kids with extreme social and emotional concerns, disabilities, and poverty. I have loved it, if I’m honest. But it has consumed my world. 

I have had very little brain space for my life outside of work. 

No sleep and a crying baby will not improve the situation.

To at least do one job well, I’ve stepped down from this role and take a year no pay from my teaching role. This does not mean i won’t be working, I will work as a relief teacher next year. Doing this will free up time for my family and my brain for some more creative work. 

It has felt like an absolutely irresponsible decision, however; it feels like the best possible decision.

Next year will be a year of slowing down, of doing less that requires money, and of doing more of the simple things that make life worthwhile. Spending time with family, working with my hands, and being creative.

I’ve been putting together some of my fiction, working on Bibliotecs, and brewing up another Kickstarter with Kiril back in the artist chair (see below for a sneak peek).

This Patreon will be all about process, problems, and products. 


A small excerpt from Abbotsmoore…

What was once a sprawling expanse of magical innovation is now a few scattered buildings covered in muck. The magic these ancient folk wielded can still be found throughout, it weaves through everything in this forsaken stinking bog.

Deep in the swamp The Abbot waits.

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February 2024
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