Bibliotecs 02 – More playtests coming soon

Hello all,

It has been some time and I thank you for your support during my quiet time. 

Bibliotecs has had some major advancement in the last weeks. 

I had a big change of heart in regard to how I wanted the game to play and the system I wanted to use. I was pushing ahead with a d6 system that wasn’t doing what I wanted it to. I wanted a game that had fast character creation, deadly combat, and some in-depth at-the-table-worldbuilding.

And the system I had wasn’t working.

So, I have now mashed together elements from a bunch of other games to create a system that can be play tested. In fact, this weekend will be the first time it is play tested and I will report back once it is! 

I have used elements from Into the Odd, Cairn, Nuked!, and Dungeon Crawl Classics to create the base system for the game. I have also taken some ideas about alternative species from Warlock! and added fantasy elements to it. So, you can now be a centaur that spits acid, casts a spell and shoots a sub-machine gun.

It got weird. But it got weird in the way I wanted it to.

I also think this will be my game. The game that I play and the game that I keep making stuff for. The game that stops me making other games. And I mean that in the most positive sense. I’ve found that I am constantly making new games and I think that it’s just because I haven’t found the game that I want to play… 

I could also be full of shit. 

Today I am filling in all the bits that make this mash-up of a game mine and not just bits from other games. I’ll be redefining how the mapping system works too. 

The map in this game is important and I want it to be tangible (if it can be). I went to the visitor’s centre in my town and got a bunch of maps. Those maps are going to be the maps we use in play. It will be drawn on and filled in with the new things that the party invents, discovers, and explores. Taking the world today and imagining it in the post-apocalyptic future (and not necessarily a wasteland).

I am excited about Bibliotecs. Anyway, I have writing to do.

Long days and pleasant nights.


P.S. Here’s a little sneak peek of a business card RPG that’s in the works too. So, yes… I guess I am full of shit.

3 thoughts on “Bibliotecs 02 – More playtests coming soon”

  1. A friend of mine showed this to me and I’m very excited about it! As one of the NUKED! guys I’m curious what inspiration you took from that game.

    1. Hey awesome, I loved Nuked! And it’s my go to for Fallout style games. At the moment Bibliotecs is using the mutations and Perks from Nuked. They’ve been modified to fit the system and I’m changing removing and adding to them as we play more. It also has some of the items and weapons but bibliotecs uses damage and armour in a different way.

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