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Bibliotecs 03: Taking a transparent shape

Bibliotecs is growing and getting closer to something I can put out into the world. This series will share the process as it develops. I want to share as much as I can as I go.

So, what is Bibliotecs?

‘At its heart, this game is about exploring a post-apocalyptic world finding items and knowledge from the past, exploring dungeons, and fighting weird mutants, maniacal robots, and drug-fuelled bandits. This is a game of exploration and survival. It is designed to be played solo, co-op, or with a Gamemaster, called the Arbiter in this game. It can also be played using all three methods interchangeably, this is referred to as Playing the Trichotomy.’

And what does it look like? Well, we’re not sure yet but Kiril has been working on some concept art.

Concept art by Kiril Tchangov

These concept pieces are the jump off point. They’re bringing the ideas I have to life. I’m going to be working fairly closely with Kiril on this and we will go back and forth quite a bit and flesh out the setting. It’s a weird game so developing the concept art can be a challenge. There will be lots of bits and pieces over the course of the next few months that will be shared and through our conversations and back and forth the look of this game will evolve and take a more solid state.

Going forward I’ll be posting more of the inspirations, design processes, and the playtest reports. I’m keen to share this process over the course for the next year or so.

Long days and pleasant nights.


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April 2023
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